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Gold Coast
International Event

Queensland, Australia

27-29 September 2019

I was born in Chad,
central Africa,
into a family of 11 children. I spent my youth working on the farm. My late parents educated me to work as hard as “does not kill a man.”

I had a missionary background before becoming a Regional Health and Social Care Trainer. I worked hard for little reward. I always had a dream to BE ME rather than let someone else control my life financially. I was jobless when ACN came into my life;
I did not have money to join,
but saw the greatness of ACN so borrowed money from my best friend to join about two years ago.

I am building the business to provide a better future for my lovely son Denis. I do not want to see my son grow up going through what I went through. ACN is an opportunity for me to determine my own salary and earn what I am worth. I have seen a chance for true financial independence with ACN. ACN will help me to make a big difference to a lot of people. That is my desire.

I am a charged-up TC Rhino ready to work with my team,
and by working together we will achieve more. My vision is to go all the way to SVP. My next stop is RD and then I will charge to RVP and beyond with my motto: “JUST DO IT.”

Sylvain Ngolo